A flexible visual identity for a touring exhibition Changing PlacesChanging Places

A flexible visual identity for a touring exhibition presenting contemporary artists’ moving image works.

Changing Places is a national touring exhibition staging contemporary artists’ video work that highlights one of the biggest catalysts for change in modern times: Industrialisation. Multiple artists, each retaining a link to Southern Asia, cover a range of contemporary perspectives, from international migration, environmental impacts, to shifting social and economic circumstances. These works are then presented in historic iconic industrial buildings, the very spaces where the blueprint for industrialisation first began.

Tasked with the creation of the overall visual identity, the scope of works covered the design of the printed material and exhibition design. Inline with this fluctuating nature and parallel trajectories a key aspect of the visual identity is a dynamic typographic treatment of the title that allows it to be read in two ways: Changing Places (the geographical transfer of industrialisation and people) and Places Changing (the effects of recent industrial development across the world).

This inherent duality is further accentuated through typography situated inside an industrial inspired colour palette of modules that encourage an evolving, dynamic behaviour across the breadth of applications and at the same time supply rigour and consistency.

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella
Curated by Mariam Zulfiqar

Visual Identity, Exhibition Graphic Design, Signage and Wayfinding, Moving Image, Social Media