Artwork & exhibition on the evolving trajectory of personal satisfaction SatisfiedSatisfied

An exhibition focused on the evolving trajectory of personal satisfaction in an increasingly connected & globalised world.


Satisfied is an exhibition of artworks focused on the evolving trajectory of personal satisfaction. The project is the result of a collaboration between Spencer Fenton, photographer Matthieu Lavanchy and industrial designer Alexandra Gerber.

In an increasingly connected and globalised world, where brands devise sophisticated visual strategies to sell us the things we want, we are bombarded by images that have been perfected and proliferated to the point of abstraction.

Each artwork in the exhibition is a carefully constructed contemplation on the contemporary disconnect of everyday experience and the parallel reality of magazine covers, selfies, billboards, and lives edited in pictures on social networks. The focal point of the installation is multiple oversized, custom aluminium light boxes that are normally used in retail environments to present advertising and marketing imagery.

Photography by Matthew Lavanchy and Spencer Fenton
Exhibition design with Alexandra Gerber
In collaboration with Ditto Gallery

Photography, Visual Identity, Exhibition Design, Moving Image, Self-Initiated