The visual identity & creative direction for jewellery designer Antoine SandozAntoine Sandoz

The visual identity & creative direction for Antoine Sandoz, an independent jewellery designer with a striking & unique aesthetic.

Founded in London by Swiss designer craftsman Antoine Sandoz and named after its founder, Antoine Sandoz is a fine jewellery brand that balances a striking aesthetic with unexpected creative references that sets out to challenge preconceptions of beauty.

Having previously worked with Tom Ford at Gucci, Antoine launched Antoine Sandoz as a manifesto of independence. Responsible for the creation of the overall visual identity, the scope of works covered the design of the printed material, packaging, art direction and digital experience.

At the centre of the visual identity is a wordmark and custom serif typeface that is influenced by classical letter engravings with sharp details and subtle idiosyncrasies foregrounded in its unusual proportions and geometry. The typeface was drawn to be applied at large sizes and used liberally across communications, in application it is classical yet modern.

The first collection’s campaign is the result of a collaboration between photographer Chris Rhodes and Spencer Fenton, shot on location in Brussels, dynamic and textural close crops confidently project the brand’s rebellious and independent spirit.

In digital application, art direction and typography are successfully combined and underpinned by the use of an organic grid like those developed by the early decorative arts movements and well suited to digital to be at once timeless and progressive.

Photography by Chris Rhodes
Styling by Lyson Marchessault

Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Type Design, Photography, Marketing Materials, Website Design, Moving Image, Social Media