The visual identity & creative direction for designer craftsmen DovedaleDovedale

The visual identity & creative direction for Dovedale, designer craftsmen dedicated to the creation of fine objects.

Dovedale is a London-based designer and maker of fine, limited edition objects that draws its ethos from the art of rituals and celebrates timeless traditions through each product.

Responsible for the creation of the overall visual identity and composed of a diverse palette of still and moving imagery, graphics and typographic components that are aligned with the quality and traditional craftsmanship integral to the Dovedale philosophy.

A robust wordmark and reductive arch symbol – designed to be stamped onto products – signifies the physical entrance to the Dovedale studio but also acknowledges respect for design history.

Art direction elements include the series The Art of the Ritual, comprised of moving still life’s commissioned by Dovedale to celebrate the importance of rituals and the performative experiences associated with objects.

The website foregrounds the Dovedale design philosophy by combining products and the opportunity for storytelling that is pivotal to each collection of new products. Editorial length pages with rich content tell the stories of each object to provide an original and engaging digital experience.

Still life photography and film by Spencer Fenton
360° imagery by Universal Assembly Unit

Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Photography, Packaging Design, Marketing Materials, Naming & Language, Website Design